Monday, April 12, 2010

CC Mindblaster

This weekend was great, I had the full entire weekend off for once.
I've been working on my yard now that it's nice out. I planted some daffodils, poppies, marigolds & candy striped something or others. I hope something will grow! I know that it takes like two years for poppies to flower but it will be worth it!
I have a huge backyard and I was trying to think of things to build in it. Maybe a hut or a tepee. Haha, my dad built my brother and I a tepee when we were little, that was pretty cool.

I really just wish I had some woods. The neighbors sort of have a woodsy patch, I sneak over there sometimes but they seem weird like they would call the cops on me for something like that. So it's probably not worth it. Maybe I can grow my own woods!

I guess I'll just have to explore near my parents house, they have the best forest, there's an old dump with a little creek that runs through it. It's really an amazing place. Very oddly beautiful. and fun to dig and find treasures. & Every Spring new things wash up on their own.
I will plan a trip soon, I will share photos thereafter.

We did go see our friends Tony & Joe.
They are brothers. They are nice fellers.

Went to the usual places, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Rock & roll McDonalds.
Didn't find much, I did find a neat little candy jar.
and then some Mcnuggets! Pft.

Now to get through the work week without my brain exploding!
Wish me luck.
CC Mindblaster

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