Sunday, January 23, 2011


Lights on.

Lights off!

Couple new books I bought there..and some local paper with Crispin Glover on the cover.
Ice Haven by Daniel Clowes, The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex. Both very enjoyable.

Oh & this is my friend Tony. He turned 30 this week so we sprayed him down with silly string. He is one cool cat!

My gang and I went to the local record show and spent like five hours there. It was a good time, I did not buy anything. but I did buy this: another hour later somewhere else.


Amber Von Felts said...

Nice rocket lamp!! Have you read the Ice Haven yet? I like Daniel Clowes but his stories are always a little sad. I guess that's the point though. I love his artwork always! Happy Birthday Tony, you are never too old for silly string :P

Colleen E. Conrad said...

I have only read a little bit, my favorite is David Goldberg but he doesnt last long! Haha. I like how he's just a weird sad kid. and his fur coat is cool too.

His artwork is superb! :) I will have to get more of his books after I finish this one. but Of course I have Ghost World.

You should check out Tony's blog, he doesn't really post anymore, [he should] but it's probably one of the sweetest blogs I've ever seen. You'd like it for sure! He's a champ.

Pfft, I havent even befriended him yet! I'm awful!