Monday, January 17, 2011

Dreamy Ferris Wheel Stand

I FOUND ONE! and it's beautiful!
Found at my local antiques mega mall stashed behind some clothes! and a bargain deal at $16! Yipee!

I thought it looked nice between my favorite chairs! I filled one of the planters with cute wrapped candies for munchin' I collect green & yellow planters as you can see, I have a few more on another stand.

I was seeing this plant stand everywhere for awhile, a year ago, no where I could buy. I stopped my car just to get a snap shot of it on a porch! and then yesterday I saw it while browsing this wondrous blog---
You can scroll down to see the plant stand, along with so many beautiful collections of pottery, etc.

So anyway, I need a new "wanted" vintage piece. Hmm.

Here's a picture of my record cupboard. I painted the "grates" yellow. I slapped together the little flag banner out of my wall/shelfpaper collection scraps and ribbon.

On top is my carnival chalkware collection. You can see the middle kewpie/babydoll inside the plant stand as well. I love these so hard! I don't care how broken or chipped they are, they're just my perfect little prizes I feel I've won!

I've been building so many yarn pom poms all night. You can make anything with em! I've been stringin' em together, Maybe I'll make some kind of decoration garland. It'd be cool to use them on a valentine tree or maybe make a weird wreath. Hm. The ideas are endless! They also make good chihuahua toys. cuz chihuahuas are pretty much like meaner, louder, messier kitty cats. Mine is anyway!

Pom pom & Cupcake post soon!


Autumn Luciano said...

Oh i'm glad you went back and got thats plant stand we stashed at the mega mall! It looks perfect in your place.

And yes, I am super jealous of your carnival prize collection, I love them so much, and I still dont have one piece! Even my mom has two D:

ILoveCollecting said...


Thanks for your nice comments about my blog/collections and also for mentioning it on your blog!! Your stuff looks great too!! And, I'm glad you found the plant stand! Looks great in your picture! Keep me posted on stuff you find!! I'll make a link to your blog on mine!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Autumns- I know! I thought it would be gone for sure! Thanks!
Well I'll have to see about finding you a prize or two :) Maybe for your bridal gift, hehe!

ILoveCollecting- Thank you!! That would be awesome! I will make a button for you too! Yay! Button friends! :]

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Oh! I like your ideas too, 'specially gum wrapper one. I was into making those for awhile out of chip bags, haha like giant ones.

MoonDoggie said...

I really like this. Looks like you found one in good condition too.

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Thanks Moondoggie!
It's not too shabby! I think it's been repainted.
I would like to see if anyone's ever painted one a color other than white.
White must be the original color?

Amber Von Felts said...

Oooh! Your stuff is super sweet! I love that shelf. I found one back in Ohio when I was in HS and dragged to California... I still have it to this day and love it bunches. I have been noticing the chalkware prizes on people's blogs lately. I'm gonna haft to keep my peepers open for some!!

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Love your sense of style! That plant stand is a great find. I've been wanting one, but I cannot find a space in my house to put one. (Too much furniture!)

Colleen E. Conrad said...
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Colleen E. Conrad said...

Ambers- I am glad you drug it with you! I'd like to see how you have it decorated sometime!
Yeah, the first piece I ever found was that doll, it's head popped off and it's hollow inside! [I think a lot of them were made to be banks] There's a bunch of wadded up old newspaper built into it too. Kind of interesting! You have to find soooome!

Marsi- Thanks! Yeah, my wall bottoms are pretty much hidden, haha. The antique mally man gave me a great idea, he said he hung his stand up on his wall! [he did say above his "toilie" HAHA, but you could hang it on any wall]

Lisa said...

I love the shape of that stand! The Kewpie on it is cute too! Great find.