Monday, January 10, 2011


A tour of my kitchen--

This is the counter. I collect so many different types of things, it collides into a mash of kitsch, haha.

Let's see, here's a closer view-- [R side]

Mounds candy box, Kitty S&P, Cactus couple & friend, The hotdogs [S&P] "finishing touch" mouse, Pink elephant candle with a melted brain, & the Hamburgler sitting atop the Burgman. I'm not sure of his real name, I know he's not Mayor Mcheese or officer Big Mac.

E.T., tea box, my bottle cap collection, "Beautiful Cakes" icing squirter, & bean sprout spout

Vintage Ad posters

Big Boy collection [on fridge]

Gumball machine that I want to fill with candy and toy bubbles!

Kiss my ass plaque collection:
"Get the message" [not seen, it's above the toilet one]
Goodbye cruel world
The moon may kiss the stars on high
The stars may kiss the bright blue sky
The dew drops may kiss the grass
But you my friend.......
"A smile increases your face value"

Haha, the last one doesnt count but it just balances them out.

and lastly, I have been tearin off the wallpaper to reveal the original. Which! Has metallic gold in it! and matches the avocado sink & stove fan, so why not! Plus it's my style and I can't stand that white and blue other crap!

I also painted the cupboards tan..maybe I should have done them avocado?

Bon Appetit!

Thank you for taking my tour! Have a fancy night!


Amber Von Felts said...

Super Duper love everything!

If I'm not mistaken, your hamburger head friend is "Speedie" the original Mc Donalds Mascot...way back in the day! If that's an original you got yourself a nice piece of fast Food Memorabilia!

I like the Big Boy's too, I just got my mom one when we went out to eat at a Big Boy in Ohio recently. I kinda wanted to keep him for myself!

Lastly, the self portrait of you and your spoons looks like a photo of "the author" that would be on the back of a 1970's cookbook for salads. Nice Work!

I HEART your KitSchen!

Colleen E. Conrad said...


Ooooh yeah, duh! His little sign is two sided and it says Speedie on one side. HAHA!
Nah, it's not original! I wish.

Yeah! Big boy!!!, I just painted a picture of his face last night :) Havent been there in awhile though! Mmm gotta get to that breakfast bar!

One of our big boys is missing his burger! I suspect the little big boy ate it! Ha! Little big boy!

HAAH! If I ever make a cookbook [which will be the worst cookbook ever] I will use that picture! Maybe it will be a ramen noodle cookbook. I was thinkin about making a funny joke cookbook about them :)

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Hee hee love your collections! Reminds me of my Mom who just put things wherever because she loved all her goodies. Me? I'm so freaking anal I have to have everything "just right." Man, OCD sucks lol...

Autumn Luciano said...

I love your kitchen, and I agree with the wallpaper, that other stuff had to go! The tan looks much nicer on the cupboards, mine were just wood before I painted them white and they look a million times nicer now.