Thursday, January 27, 2011

Megamall, Birdcage & BigBoy.

I live right near a megamall & I go there all the time when I'm bored or sad.
Here's what I spotted today!

Mr. Piggins chalkware, Uh come on! $20! Too much! Maybe if he was 15. or 12! or 10!!!

I stare at this for about an hour every time. It's a mask!

Mr Cheesewithers is from a book. He is so enchanting!

I cleaned & decorated up my birdcage today. I am getting it ready for next month when I may be getting a real live bird pet. I have to think of some names, suggestions are welcome!

Also, I painted this bigboy a month ago. Haha. I like to paint on paper bags. I think it's because 1. the color 2. If I hate the painting, I can throw it away and not feel bad, I hate to waste good paper. Plus why not reuse?

Me want burger.


phoneyfresh said...

You went to the Omega Mall on your lonesome? I'll bet you were in there for hours! I would be if I went solo style.

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Oh yeah! It's almost kind of refreshing going alone, like a sanctuary of treasure. Junk therapy. Except for the lurkers around, they always make me feel suspicious when I'm alone for some reason.

Amber Von Felts said...

I like that Big Boy, he's kinda a 1950's Greaser Cry Baby (the movie) inspired big boy. The bird cage is sweet! I love finches, they are little and you could get two. They would have lots of room in there and keep each other company :-)

Colleen E. Conrad said...

I love Crybaby! I used to own it :(
Haha, Hatchetface! She's the best!

I was looking at finches!!!! :DDDD
We use ta have like ten when I was little and they are just the sweetest things! I love the sounds they tweet. The pet store had little mini ones, they were so cool!

Autumn Luciano said...

Ah! A birdie! You're so lucky!! I want a birdie so bad. But I can't with all my damn cats!