Saturday, February 19, 2011

Toon doom

So recently, I went on an antiquing adventure with a few chums to find these 8mm cartoon reels. I've always wanted to collect them, just never had quite the cash. They're kind of hard to find I think too. There are a couple I'm really looking for, some toons I use to watch as a lil baby kid. One especially titled "Boy Meets Dog". It's perfect in every way. It's funny, I believe it was made to educate children about dental care. There's a whole lil diddy in the start about massaging your gums twice a day and so on. Good song though. If you're interested, I'm sure it's on youtube.

So I found:
Woody Woodpecker- Solid Ivory
Tom & Jerry?- Rattle Bones
"Kitty Kat"- Cat Nap [obviously Felix or a Felix rip off?]
The last two are discount toon boxes I think.

So my friend Tony AKA owns an 8mm projector, we are going to have a lil party and watch these toons as well as some of his and his brother Prong's 8mm horror films. Should be a hoot.

and I'm going to be making rootbeer float cupcakes for the event! [Thanks to Tone on that one, we were discussing cup cake ideals.]

Hope ya like my new cheesy banner! Cheesed to the maximum! Mmm..cheese!

Also, I wish to go here first thing when it opens!


phoneyfresh said...

Your banner is looking pretty glorious, friend! Full of CC style. There is a bunch of those root brewski cupcake recipes online, but you prolly don't need one, do ya? I'm pretty 'cited for this event!

cc said...

Nah, I don't need none o those recipeeeeeees! but maybe I'll look em up just to be sure I know what I'm doing. I'm no root beer expert ya know.

Thanks, it took me like two hours to make that thang. but thats because I changed my mind a lot. Big surprise.

Autumn Luciano said...

I love the new banner!
I have a woody 8mm too! And some space-age film that i'm not sure about..We found a projector in the garage at the little house at one point but it promptly died as soon as we powered it up. D:

cc said...

Aw! It died! That sucks, wonder if it's fixable? The projectors must be hard to find in good shape, they're kind of expensive online!

Haha! Man! I wonder what's on that mystery film!

cc said...

Oh & thanks! I'm glad you like my banner! :)

Amber Von Felts said...

Super Duper LOVE your new banner. It is cheesed to the max! I would love to see those little cartoon films! My Dad used to show us movies on the side of the house with his old projector. It is one of my favorite childhood memories! Take some "screen shots" of the movies and post em!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Good childhood memory & cool dad! :) Great idea, it would be cool to have an outdoor theater night in the summer! Yeah! I'll definitely get some shots for you! I wish I could find the toons I used to watch, I will eventually. It is my goooaaaaal!
"Candy Town" 1931 is another favorite of mine. Check it out!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Oh and thanks, I'm glad you like my delicious banner. Haha, I grow more fond of it everyday. I stare at it when I'm bored, mmmmm kitschy-koo.