Thursday, March 31, 2011

weird family findings

Weird happening:
I bought a photo album from Salvation Army. It ended up being pictures of my great grandparents!

I love to scour the junk piles in the aisles of the Salvation Army just for fun!
I spotted a pretty psychedelic looking album, flipped it open to reveal photos of a cabin, which had a sign reading "This is the WRIGHT place!" I have a great grandma Wright so I thought "Eh, it's kind of neat, why not buy it for a buck?"
I start telling my dad about it & he goes buck wild!
So it's pretty cool, my family now thinks I have some kind of super power for finding these things, since it sort of happened before.
Before: I just happened to snag a set of harvest gold chairs on half off day from an estate sale a few years back. My parents had to load them in their truck, since I have a car, they noticed a stamp on the bottoms. The stamp is from my great great Grandpa Schlaack. He was an upholsterer back in the day!

Other than that, I've been having pretty good finds at estate sales this season! I bought an old charcoal grill that I once saw on the show Pete & Pete, Iggy Pop flipping around hot dogs on it.


erin said...

that is the craziest thing ever, i would absolutely flip if that happened to me

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Heheh! Yeah! It was a pretty sweet feeling! Bet that'll never happen again! :D
I hope it happens to you!!!

Amber Von Felts said...

Okay, how the heck did that get donated without your people finding out about it? That is weird! I buy old family albums (that arent from my family) all the time. I am fascinated by the pics. Its kindof voyeuristic but in this day and age, physical photo albums are becoming a thing of the past. Everything is on computers nowadays!