Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Adventure of Spring

On Easter, I went on a long hike to the woods. There's a giant old dump back where we hike to.
Here's a couple treasures I dug up.

This is the second squeak toy I've found digging. First was a whale. Andy saw the girl's face sticking out of the ground. She was totally bent in half when I dug her up. I soaked her in hot water, bending & molding her back to shape.
Haha details:
-someone drew hot pink glasses on her face!
-black muck was pouring out of her head!
What a mysterious plastic girl!
ANYWAY, others pictured are broken back itcher & Dick Tracy wrist radio part.

I found these as well. The rosary was found in bits, I put it back together.

I've been into collecting these funny little babies lately so this worked out just fine. Best U.S.A.


phoneyfresh said...

That sounds like a cool time! do you think there is still neat stuff to be found or is she picked clean? I hope you will take me to this land some time!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

It is a mystical land filled with treasures!
My dad says there's nothing left but you know how dads are. Haha.

Amber Von Felts said...

Uh mah GAWD!! I frikkin' love that you dug these out of the ground! They are exquisite! It reminds me of a dump pile I found once when I was a kid. It is so fascinating. Ah the good ole days... People would just go to the furthest part of their property and dump it! Wow, what a treasure trove!

Andy. said...
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Colleen E. Conrad said...

Yeah it's pretty cool how junk turns to treasure!
It's such an amazing place to go, probably my favorite place to be.