Thursday, June 9, 2011

slide show:report card

I dug out my slide projector tonight & slapped on "Colgate's Report Card Day" reel! Plaque monster is one freaky-diki dude! He loves stuffin' candy in his face! I'm not sure what that last bit is about, looks like a stick of chalk to me. Hah! I wish I had the cassette tapes to these slides!

Some of my other slides..they're all mostly about safety or nature.

This one's from a "What's wrong with this picture" reel.

This slide is from a reel about sharing. Lil Jimmy learns to share cards with his friends.. so they can each attach a card to their bike spoke and sound like a motorbike gang!
This slick sucker is the lifeguard, he's yelling at the boys because they're causing ruckus. You can't be too loud at the beach...ya might kill some fish I guess. They're fragile creatures.

A wrapper from my gag fangs I won at Pinball Pete's Arcade a long while back! I need to go back sometime soon and play some games! Probably a lot of Golden Axe.

This TV was on the side of the road, I tried so hard to cram it into my car...this is why I need a big old van or station wagon! I need more room for stash'n trash! So frustrating! Oh well, my day will come!


Karswell said...

That vampire teeth wrapper rules!

Totally cool blog you have here, I will be back--often! (you've been warned!)

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Why thank you dear Karswell! I look forward to your company!
I will be stoppin' by onto your blogs as well, you have so many neat things to check out! :) I 'specially like the "and everything else too" blog, very cool!

Karswell said...

I've added you to my sidebar too Colleen, thanks again!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Awesome! Thanks! :)

Amber Von Felts said...

So much neat stuff in this dang post! Firstly, what-the-what to the slide projector! Where did you find those? Is the projector a special model, used only for those lil' reels? I'm truly intrigued! Secondly, love that package on the fangs and guess what...I own a Golden Axe arcade machine!!! Now you must come visit me and challenge me to a Golden Axe-a-thon!

Haircut Swelch said...

I actually have the record soundtrack to that film strip :) (I'm just missing the film!)

-lost media archive