Wednesday, June 1, 2011


My Trip North to.....

my parent's cabin.
& Here are my garage sale finds!
Total cost: 2.00!

I planted the lilly of the valley & winterberry.

This is what I packed.


Lisa said...

The drummer girl. YES.

phoneyfresh said...

What function does a plastic baby serve while on a trip? Hahaaa! Cool finds my friend!

Ps: my word verification is "deersa"!

Amber Von Felts said...

I like the stuff you packed, it is fodder for a short story I just know it. I like the safari hat with motorcycle goggles! Mr. Mean and that other brightly colored guy, I think I need some close ups of those!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Oh Yeah! Gotta have a fresh plastic baby by your side on all trips, don't ya know they bring a pure guiding light?!
I have some pictures of him I should share too, he had a bit of an accident on the log pile..

I just couldn't resist that lil' drummer girl, she reminds me of someone I think. and I'm pretty sure she's from Germany. 50 cents!

Yeah, I was going to have a journey in the woods with that hat and gear, but I was a dope and forgot to buy some new adventure boots. We did go searchin' for morels though. The one pictured was right next to the cabin porch!

Definitely, I'll get some close ups for ya Von Felts :) The only way to stop Mr. Mean is to ring toss him!
Haha, it came inside a general mills package, must have been one of those cereal isle hook specials!