Friday, August 19, 2011

North Ho-

Well blogpals, I am back from my second grand Michigan journey of this summer. and slightly rested. Day 1, I visited a classic favorite; The Mighty Mac [Mackinaw Bridge]. and went over it to the Upper Peninsula of course!

My favorite place so far is to visit St. Ignace, which is just past the bridge. You can drive all along the lake & it's just beautiful! There are a ton of fun little gift shops & kitschy motels, but many, sadly, have been shut down.

Castle Rock is always on the top of my list. It is a sea stack or "sea chimney" made of limestone which was also said to be used as a lookout point; "Ojibway's Lookout". I've been visiting ever since I was little. I didn't climb it this time! Or else I'd have loads of pictures to share! This is also one of the many sites of a giant Paul Bunyan & Babe. Too bad it's all fenced in now!


Castle Rock also has a sweet gift shop full of Paul Bunyan gear. I am always tempted to buy storybooks. Here's a page I snapped real quick-like:

More to come-


Amber Von Felts said...

Whatta Rock! Are those people out on the lil' bridge. I don't know if I could muster the courage to do that! I have never seen a sitting Paul Bunyan muffler man. He must be tired from standing up all those years. Looks like a fun trup ;-)

Karswell said...

This place looks right up my scary rock alley.

Colleen E. Conrad said...

HA! I never thought of that! He popped a squat! I've only been to two others and I think they were both standing!

Yeah those people are up on the top, there's a HUGE long stairway all made out of stone leading up there, it takes foreverrrrrr! but when you make it back down, you get a sticker!

Oh, and I've been hearing about another lookout nearby there as well. It's called "Rabbit's back" and it's kind of abandoned. I reaaaally want to adventure there sometime!

Mykal said...

I miss Michigan. Maybe when I retire from my current home in Florida I'll move back to Michigan, the land where I grew up. Wouldn't that be a switch!

Of course, St. Ignace is so far north we used to think of it as being almost like Canada.

Lisa said...

There's not enough Paul Bunyan or Babe collectibles in my life right now, wow, I need to fix that. You've inspired me!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Mykal, come back to Michigan! Want to trade spots for awhile? Haha. I love it here, but I'd love to travel somewhere different for a change! Maybe even further north to real Canada! :)

Oh my! Lisa, you need a trip to Castle Rock! They have salt & peppers, stuffed paul & babe, coloring books, lots of stuff. but there should be more. I wish I could own a gift shop up there!