Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Wildmen
The Wildmen

Ladies and Gents! 
Garage sale season has officially began! [in Michigan anyway, some of you are very lucky and have it all year long!]

I found these three wild-men at a sale today. Still packaged. but don't worry, they were just inside a crappy old clear bag with staple on top. I saved the little paper label because it actually says "wildmen". Hehee.
I also found a bunch of flocked gorilla ornaments, some silly little recipe booklets; one being all about michigan beans, the other a promotional cookie book for Post cereal. & I found a pretty little tea cup and platter for my momma. Gotta be prepared for mother's day!

I must add that I am also now officially on Summer break from school and have about a year left to finish my degree in graphic communications. I am being very official in this post. but I am also trying to get a second job because not having money is getting lame-o. Wish me luck! Cheers! 


Anet said...

Ha,ha... I like their campfire!
Are you sure they're not hillbillies?

Enjoy your summer break, happy yard saling and good luck with the job:)

We'll have to hit some estate sales with Autumn soon:)

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Yes!!! That would be great! :D

Well the package says "wildmen" Haha, so I couldn't resist calling them that. I like to think of them as wild adventurers who live in the woods. So pretty much they are hillbillies, hehe.

Hope there are some good sales soon, didn't find too many this weekend. Probably two actual good ones!

& Thanks!!! :D

Karswell said...

I live not far from the Ozarks, and can verify that these wildmen are DEFINITELY hillbillies!

Awesome lil dudes...

Colleen E. Conrad said...

xxx, The moonshine gives it away, huh? Hehee!