Monday, February 7, 2011

It will be mine. Oh, yes. It will be mine.

So beautiful that I almost cried.

but this did make me cry.

...I asked the cashier if they ever lower prices on furniture. She said only on half off day. Then she asked which piece I was inquiring about. I told her "Oh yes, the magnificient leathery buttoned green dream" [I wish I had said this, it probably would have won it right over ;)]
Then she told me.......
That it was sold.......


but I still do not believe her. There was no sold tag posted! Unless that's what the scribblins on the tag top are?

I'm gonna cry, cry, cry, cry, 96 tears!


Autumn Luciano said...

Was a pretty couch alright! Did you talk to the girl with the cat eye glasses? We should go find out who she is, she looks like she'd be fun to hang out with. :P

Lisa said...

Night and day-- ninety six tears... for a buttony dream leather couch. :) I am sad for your loss. So tragic! SO TRAGIC.

Amber Von Felts said...

"And when the sun comes up I'll be on top. You'll be way down there
Lookin' up"

Start plotting your revenge now if that couch is sold!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Hahaha Thanks my sweets!

Autumn: Ya! I know! I saw her at Lcc once, I think she might have to join our gang someday, I admire and respect those glasses!

Lisa: I am very thankful for your support. It will take years for me to get over this tragedy! ;) but I can feel this...I will call her Lorraine,.... for my "density" has brought me to her.

Amber: Oh Ya! I went back to that store today to check on it. It's still there...& I am not convinced it's sold.. I almost wrote something on the back of the tag...maybe a plea....or threat. but then I chickened out. Hahaa.
I need to come up with a plan.