Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh Deer!

Etsy finds time!

I love deer, so I must share these beautiful kitschy deer items I've spotted on Etsy!

First of all, this is the greatest lamp I've ever seen. Too bad it's like $70. Yeeesh, I'd buy it so fast if I could! Maybe with my tax mula?
It does come with the shade, which is rare to see with any shade 'specially the original shade!!! I love how he's leaping over the log. Ooooo just tooooo adorable!

This tea set is the cutest! I'm wondering if this is Rudolph as well? One has a red nose...maybe it's Rudolph and his family or all those deer bullies...or maybe all of Santa's reindeer?
It's kinda funny how the tea pours right out of the deer's mouth. Deer tea. Mmmm.
I actually bought this set, not the exact one in the picture but it was on Etsy. Now I need a nice place to set it up! No one will touch my deer set!!!! No one but me!!!!

Fawn planter: I have a couple deer planters, not like this one though!
I wonder if it's safe to grow plants in these? Seems like theyre too fragile..maybe just some lil grass seeds would look neat.


I LOVE this tea towel, too bad it sold like two years ago! I saved this picture just to remind me what beauty lies out in the world, Aaaaahaha! I would frame this!

Well I'd better go work on my super secret cupcake project now. I can't talk here, it's not safe!...upcoming post possibly!


Mick said...

love the lamp, and I too and Crazy about the towel hehe "Be A Dear" :) Cool stuff. I have a white deer tv lamp with a black and grey palnter. If I ever find my beloved "drama faces" tv lamp I might send it your way ;)

Colleen E. Conrad said...

My just shrieked out loud!!! Haha, that would be amazing! It sounds beautiful! I've never ever seen a deer tv lamp! Maybe we could do some kind of trade sometime! :)

Autumn Luciano said...

You always find the cutest things, I love your style. I want you to help me design a room in my house someday!


Colleen E. Conrad said...

Thannks Autumn!
That would be so much fun! :)
I would be very much honored to!

Anet said...

Love your tea set!!!
I sure hope you can get the lamp. It's so sweet.

Someday (when things aren't so crazy) you, Autumn and I will have to hit the antique shops and do lunch together. We'll look for deers:)

Anet said...

and squirrels:)

Colleen E. Conrad said...

That would be great! Some nice peaceful treasure hunting therapy!

You guys probably know a bunch of good places! I havent been to too many, just mainly megamall & mason!

Agent 137 said...

Love that lamp, and the towel...Too cute. Your style is amazing!

Tasha said...

Ooh I love deer things! I saw that teapot on Etsy once and almost bought it, then was sad to see it sold. :( But I have the next best thing now: a snail teapot!