Monday, March 7, 2011

Projector Party

Woody Woodpecker

Joe; master & commander of projection!



I am in need of a manual style loading 8mm projector! This one was automatic so there was trouble with wrinkles in the film, it was not loading properly!

I made rootbeer float cupcakes to jam on. They turned out pretty good!

PhoneyFresh did the tunes.

We will keep collecting movies and have more parties! Projection society.


phoneyfresh said...

Ha Haaa! That was a swell time! The cupcakes were tasteee! We should get a better projector and round up a bigger audience next time, like some kids. I wish you snapped some shots of the Beast Feast!!

Mick said...

I love the little picture things you put on the cup cakes, Hmmm might just have to borrow that idea someday! Looks like fun!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

P-Yeah! You should invite your lil siblings! They would enjoy!
Ha, yeah that beast feast. We should make our own beast feasts next time! They will be beastimus to the maximus. Then I can do my pep/bacon Mmmm!

M-Thank ya kindly! Ya! You should! It's a real fun & easy project! I just print a bunch of teenie pictures, glue em on prettttty paper, cut them out with fancy pants scissors, Glue em on toothpicks [I like to hide the back part with another extra slab of paper. :) Endless possibilities!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Oh yeah! Mick! I was tellin my pals about your awesome backyard theater! :) Probably the most glorious set up I've ever seen!

Autumn Luciano said...

I hope I'll be invited to the next one :o(
I have projector movies I can bring!