Tuesday, March 8, 2011

sweet rides

Spotted this woodsman while I was out the other day! Isn't he handsome?

The snow is melllllting here in Michigan! I'm so excited! Now if it would just stay melted! I was outside half the day, getting my bicycle pumped up and cleaned...rejuvenated! I took it for a ride too. Gah, I'm real out of shape!
Just wish I could find my Garfield tire reflector. Ugh, and one of my eyeball valve caps went missing! How unfortunate!
Ah well, I'm going to be looking for some new accessories, along with another old frame to work on maybe. The next I wish to be classy...with a wicker basket!

Here is my current bicycle:

House of Wheels is a neat little bike shop in my native town of Owosso, Mi. The guy who runs it has an old style bike club called "Peddlers". I'd join if I lived there still! He invited me to bring in my bike for one of their shows one time which was cool!

Well, I'm trying to name my bike. So far I've come up with Boy Blue :) Any ideas?


phoneyfresh said...

Uhhhh....Blue Meanie? Gosh, wish I knew how to ride a bike. That is a heckuva nice wagon too!

Autumn Luciano said...

Your bike it rad. My vintage bike needs new tires big time. But I have a back up bike kev got me a long time ago, if you ever wanna hit the river trail!

Lisa said...

Cute bike! Cute basket! Just cute!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Schpank ya guys!

Blue Meanie's a good one! My Baby Blue...hm ol blue eyes hahaha.
You need a bike Toogey!

We should go on a grand tour Autumn! I have to get my butt into shape first! or at least bring like three water jugs with!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa :D

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Oh ya, btw...bike tires are the worst!!!!!! I bring a pump with me just in case :)